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Mahindra Launches New Bolero Maxi Truck

Mahindra & Mahindra Ltd had launched an addition to their pick up portfolio which they call the ‘New Bolero Maxi Truck’. This truck is priced at Rs 4.08 lakh. This vehicle is a makeover of the Bolero Maxi Truck which is powered by MDI Engine.

Mahindra Logo

Mahindra Logo

It now comes with a stylish new look which is good for people who are looking to boost the design of their vehicle while maintaining its functionality. It also has a power steering option and better interiors making it a better choice for vehicle lovers and also those who need it for their business.

New Bolero Maxi Truck

New Bolero Maxi Truck

According to the Senior Vice President of the company, Arun Malhotra, the new steering option of the New Bolero Maxi Truck would surely cater the needs of stand operators and businessmen by offering them with efficient cargo movement and also the driving comfort that everyone is looking for in a vehicle.

The launching of this truck is to strengthen their stand in the market where competition is rising.


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