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Serum Institute of India buys Dutch Vaccine maker Bilthoven for Rs. 22.5 Cr (Approx)

A top executive of Serum Institute of India said that the company had bought polio vaccine maker Bilthoven Biologicals from the government of Netherlands for a sum of US $40.3 Million (Which is approximately Rs. 25 crores in Indian Currency). This move will surely give them a stronger stand of being the country’s top vaccine maker. It will help them do their business better and to be able to dominate the market more.

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Serum Institute of India

One of the purposes of the acquisition is for greater market access of the company.  With it, they are now able to reach the markets in Europe and US. Having a greater marker would mean more success for the company.

The executive director of Serum Adar Poonawalla said that they are willing to invest about 70 million to 80 million euros over the next three years in order to expand Bilthoven’s manufacturing capacity and also to meet the need of this expansion plan like working capital. The market surely offers good revenue for companies that are able to dominate it which is why Serum India is doing their best to expand.


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