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Lavazza Planning To Expand Its Café Chain Barista

For companies today to survive the troubled economy, it would surely be a good idea to be in partnership with other company. This is what Lavazza is considering since it wanted to grow its café chain Barista in India. This information was given by an official in the company.

Lavazza Logo


According to another source, the company is also keen in appointing master franchisees just like what other companies had done. To name some companies that had done this, we have RJ Corp’s foods arm Devyani International for Pizza Hut and Costa Coffee.

Barista Lavazza Logo

Barista Lavazza

The Lavazza is focused in their vending business which is becoming popular in India. There are definitely a lot of advantages for investing in vending business. We all know that running cafes is definitely very difficult which is why having some vending machines would surely make things a lot easier and cost effective.

The company has been doing business for over a century and they are expecting their business to be running for more years to come.


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