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Cloud Market in India On The Rise – Sees Rs. 4500 Cr Growth

Technology fuels innovation and with it, a business becomes more successful. This might be the reason why the Indian market for could computing had experienced a steady growth that reach USD 860-912 million in the last fiscal. This information was given by the market advisory firm Zinnov Management Consulting.

Cloud Computing India

Cloud Computing

There are now a lot of private companies that observes the use of cloud technology where it takes about 78-80 per cent of the number of companies that use cloud while the remaining percentage is using public cloud. According to a study, the public could market had evolve in a fast rate in the last two years in India.

The main reason for this is the usefulness of the technology in businesses and even for individuals who wanted to enjoy easy access of important files anywhere they are. This trend will surely continue to rise since the needs for cloud technology by companies would surely grow. We are now in the information age and this technology is very necessary now.

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