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India: 3rd Most-Favored Destination For Companies Globally [U.N. Report]

The foreign direct investments in India have been doing well with a 30 per cent increase amidst some problems in the country due to slow pace of reforms. Though this is a good news, the government should look at their reform programs well in order to win the favor of foreign investors.

It would surely be a long way for the country to be in line with China, Brazil and other countries that are doing well with their FDI flows. According to a the Chief Economist of UN, the country would be having an increase of 20-25 per cent on their FDI flows for this current year and also an increase of about 20 per cent in the next year if the performance of the company now would be maintained.

In a survey that was conducted on 179 global companies from different sectors like manufacturing, services, and other primary sectors regarding their favoured investment destination, India emerged as 3rd. This is definitely something that the government should look onto.


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