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Sagar Ratna To Launch Vegetarian Restaurant Chain “Shraman” Across North India

Another restaurant chain will be opened by Jayaram Banan (Owner of Sagar Ratna) and this time it would be a restaurant that would offer vegetarian cuisine for customers who don’t eat onion and garlic. These are for the Jain and Marwari communities. The Jayaram Banan is the founder of Sagar Ratna and Swagath.

Sagar Ratna Logo

Sagar Ratna

According to Banan, the new chain will be named Shraman. This will surely attract a lot of customers especially now that a lot of people are becoming health conscious. The first restaurant will be coming up in Delhi in the next week. It will not only focus in vegetarian dishes, but will also serve packaged snacks, pickles and ready to eat meals.

The company had already practiced this packaged snacks, they only need to do some innovation in order for it to be more salable in the market. From the statement of Banan, the company is targeting revenue that would be close to Rs 200 crore by 2012-13 compared to Rs 120 crore on the last fiscal.


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