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Quadria Capital To Raise Rs. 16 Crore For Healthcare Fund

Quadria Capital Investment Management is planning to raise a $300-million healthcare fund. This plan will be participated by Religare Enterprise. According to Amit Verma, managing partner at Quadria Capital Investment Management, Religare is committed to invest and amount of $15- 30 million for the said fund.

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Quadriga Capital

Also, Verma added that they are aiming $100 million over the next five months and the rest of the amount will be generated next year from different sources like FIIs, fund of funds and rich individuals.  The people that are making this fund possible is Verma, who is a healthcare veteran and Abrar Mir, who is founder and managing partner for NBD Sana Capital.

The target of this fund is mid-sized healthcare companies that are looking for funds for their expansion. They believe that this plan would be a success since equity market now is tight and borrowing from banks is not that easily and takes time.


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