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PepsiCo Eyes The Yogurt Industry; Shifts Focus From Carbonated Drinks

For a long time, PepsiCo has being focusing on battling their long rival Coca-cola when it comes to selling carbonated drinks. Now, PepsiCo is entering a new market where they intend to sell yogurts. This month, the company will be selling yogurts on Northeast and on mid-Atlantic States.

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With this, the company will now be battling against known companies in the yogurt business like Fage and Chobani. The yogurts of PepsiCo will be manufactured in Europe by Theo Muller, a dairy company that is known in the country. The two companies have joined forces in order to increase their growth in the market especially in the United States.

The Chief Executive of Muller Quaker Dairy, Sam Lteif is very much excited of the said joint venture. They are quite optimistic that there is a huge opportunity for dairy products in the US market and they are planning to capitalize on this.


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