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Audi Topples BMW As Indian Leading Luxury Car Maker

A lot of us know that BMW is leading the raise when it comes to luxury cars. The mentioned company had dominated the market for quite a long time and is consistent with being the best. But, a German maker Audi, is catching up on the race after surpassing compatriot Mercedes Benz in April-June period this current year.

According to records of Society of Indian Automobile Manufacturers, the sale of Audi had increased to about 52.15 per cent. This is about selling 1,908 units from 1,254 units in the year ago in the same period. The record also added that while Audi is having a leap on its sales, the leading BMW is also experiencing a decline in their sale to about 12.16 per cent.

The popular brand Mercedes Benz is also having some problem with keeping their sales high with a fall of about 24.41 per cent in their sales. If BMW and Mercedes Benz would want to have their names still on top, they should do something to gain back their sales.

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