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Bihar To Get Its First Power Plant In April 2014

According to Chief Minister Sushil Kumar Modi, the first private sector thermal plant in Bihar will be up and running by April 2014. The establishment of this thermal plant is handled by M/S JAS Infrastructure Capital Pvt Ltd. It will be situated near Bausa block in Banka district.

This would surely be good news for the mentioned place since it will be able to provide energy to a lot of places near the area. With this new source of energy, business will rise and innovation would follow leading to a more successful place. Modi had also mentioned that he had just recently reviewed the project’s working progress and is also hoping that it would be finished soon.

He is also trying to convince the Center to allocate 50 per cent power from proposed public sector thermal power plants in Bihar with its problems in power. Having a power plant in a certain place is really necessary since it is needed for development and progress.


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