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Hindustan Motors Launches Upgraded Cedia Select 2012 Car

The Hindustan Motors company had just launched their upgraded sedan called the “Cedia Select 2012”. This new car is priced at Rs 8.90 lakh. It is available in three colors answering different color preference of car lovers.

There is white speed, black flash and rally red. The vehicles are equipped with high technology gadgets like seven-inch Mapmyindia android-based carpad. This enable owner to make calls, watch television and do surfing while providing video chatting facilities. The car was manufactured in their Thiruvallur facility.

Mitsubishi Cedia Select 2012

Mitsubishi Cedia Select 2012

Another good thing with this car is that it is equipped with safety features like day and night rear view mirror, front airbags and also child-protection rear lock. With these features a lot of people would surely like to own one of these cars.

It is not only trendy but fully functional as well. The company is currently doing well when it comes to selling their cars and they continue to develop good and reliable cars for the industry.

Other features include a 7-inch Mapmyindia android-based carpad via 3G to enable travelers watch TV, surf net, video-chat and make calls. There is also a support for in-built map and real time navigation systems. The Cedia Select also comes with a 4-speaker Kenwood DVD player with 6.1” touch-screen interface which is GPS compatible and has bluetooth/USB connectivity as well.

Hindustan Motors Logo

Hindustan Motors


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