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The founding of Tetra Pak Company

Tetra Pak is now among the largest packaging firms in the world. Last year, they were able to have sales of 10.3 billion euros or $12.5 billion. Looking at history, the company started around mid-20th century. The idea came from the creation of a geometric milk carton.

Tetra Pak Logo

Tetra Pak

The inventor of Tetra Pak was Ruben Rausing who studied at Columbia University. It was said that he became fascinated with what US engineers were doing with food packaging. The idea behind the tetra pak was brought to light when he happened to watch his wife Elizabeth made sausages by tying off the ends.

He then thought if it would also be possible to be applied to milk. This was the reason why he was able to create an innovative box with four triangular faces. He then called his company Tetra Pak. His company grew and was able to sell other products such as water purifiers, bank-note dispenser and other products.


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