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Swipeon Launched by Axis Bank – A Mobile Based Payment Acceptance System

Swipeon had been launched by Axis Bank having a new set of technologies on its sleeves. This is definitely a good way of getting their customers on them for it could make their banking a lot easier and faster. The Swipeon is a mobile-phone – based card acceptance service.

Axis Bank Logo

Axis Bank

Many are definitely looking for this kind of technologies right now where it could make their banking as easy as possible. The service has been made possible with the aid of Prizm Payments and Mswipe Technologies. The bank has been successful in incorporating new technologies in their transactions making things easy and more comfortable for them and also for their customers.

The device will be able to convert any mobile phone into a card acceptance device by simply attaching the Mswipe card reader to the phone. There are definitely a lot of people who will benefit in this new technology and this includes merchants with home delivery services, cash-on-delivery agents, taxi-drivers and others as they can easily accept card payment on the go.


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