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200 People To Be Hired For PitneyBowes Pune R&D Centre

Several companies are doing their best when it comes to their expansion plans and among these companies is the Global technology firm Pitney Bowes. It is strengthening its research and development activities by setting up a second facility that will be established at Pune.

Pitney Bowes Logo

Pitney Bowes

This facility will house about 200 people in the next few years. This will not only be a good news for the company, but also a good news for the people living in the place since it would surely offer a lot of job opportunities for people. The company already has its largest facility outside of North America where it is run by about 600 staff.

The focus of the new center will be on global portfolio solutions, including Volly which is a digital mailbox solution and other innovations that are offered by the company. The company is doing their best in shifting from a hardware base company to becoming a digital solution base company.


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