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Indian Hot Shots Own 12% Of The Apartments In Dubai’s Burj Khalifa

India is definitely doing well when it comes to its business in other countries like in Dubai where its presence is slowly being felt by the industry. A number of rooms in Burj Khalifa which is considered as the tallest tower in the world is acquired by Indian identity.

Burj Khalifa

Burj Khalifa

This just shows that India is doing well when it comes to improving their business in the country. For the record, Indians now own more than a hundred out of the 900 apartments in the well known skyscraper. This shows a sign that India is now having a steady growth when it comes to its financial power in communities in West Asia.

The number also shows that a lot of Indians are now investing in property in Dubai which is considered as a luxury hotspot. The country was able to get back on its knees after its economic downfall in the year 2008.


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