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Net Profit of Wipro Increased By 18.37% During Q1

Business today has become very much competitive. The challenge is greater on those businesses that are on top of the chain. Among the leading companies in the market of software is Wipro and the company is doing its best to become competitive which is the reason why they have reported to have an 18.37% increase in their net profit for the first quarter that ended June 30,2012.

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Corporations these days need to improve their investments and other business process in order to be on top or even just to stay in their business. Good thing is that the company is still doing well when it comes to the IT services that they offer where they are able to get around 78% of their total revenue.

The company is expecting their IT services to be stable for this quarter since its demand is either increasing or in a constant state.  Most businesses today need IT and this is why IT companies will most likely have an increase in their revenue.


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