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Intex Technologies Aims For Rs 1,000 Crore Turnover

Intex Technologies is very confident when it comes to the status of their business for the current fiscal year. Their confidence comes from the growing tablet market these days. Being an IT hardware and electronics products company, Intex Technologies is bound to generate good revenue for this fiscal.


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They are targeting an Rs 1,000 crore turnover for this year. This target is most likely achievable especially if the trend of the tablet market would not change. For the record, the company was able to have a turnaround of Rs 779 crore. According to the General Manager of Intex, Sanjay Kumar, the company has a strong desire to achieve an Rs 1,000 turnaround for this year.

Upon their launch of Intex i-Buddy tablet which runs on Android operating system, the firm states that they wanted to sell around 60,000 tablets this year. In order to make this goal a reality, they will also be launching their 3G tablet in August.


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