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Business Journalism course to be offered by BSE Institute

Just recently, the BSE Institute Ltd, had given a statement to launch a post-graduate programme in business journalism. In this program, subjects such as finance, economic and financial market along with other journalism-related topics will be discussed. The programme is expected to commence on the last week of August.

BSE Logo

BSE Logo

This is definitely a good way for students who wanted to have a career in journalism. Students in this program will learn how to do business and financial reporting, explore corporate and industry new including creating reports on national and local economic trends.

According to the Chief Executive Officer of BSE Institute Mr Ambarish Datta, the world today needs credible business journalist. We all have observed the financial crisis that the world is experiencing. With this, there is a high demand for business journalists who can introduce this situation to the average person on the street to help them make good decisions.


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