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Bajaj Electricals launches new range of lighting products

The new range of lighting products will be helping Bajaj Electricals Ltd in their goal of achieving higher revenue this year. The company had just started the launch of their premium segment of lighting range that includes LED lights in South India that begins in Hyderabad.

The new product that the company is offering the market was test-rolled in Gujarat. These products have been bought to India with the aid of a Hong-Kong based company called Megaman. These products are now currently manufactured in three different factories in the country not including those that are taken from their overseas partner.

The company is very much hopeful that these new line of product will be able to boost their revenue which fall to Rs 430 crore last year. For the current fiscal year, they are aiming revenue at Rs 551 crore. According to the company, these new LED range and fluorescent lights will help the company reach out to new markets.

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