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34% Income Growth for Yes Bank

Yes Bank is now experiencing a robust growth on their income where reportedly it gain a 34 per cent increase in their net profit in the April to June Quarter. Compared to last’s years Rs 216 crore profit, the bank today had a net profit of Rs 290. Their net interest income also increased by 33 per cent to Rs 471 crore.

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Yes Bank

When it comes to their non-interest income, they also had an increase of about 74 per cent where it comprise financial advisory, investment banking and financial market and fee income. For the record, they also had their year-on-year total depository rose by 15 per cent. In addition to this, their loan also grew by 16 per cent.

Currently, the bank will be focusing on retail segment and will also look at selective sectors like hospitality and healthcare. Education would also be among the segments that they will be looking into. These segments gain their interest for these are less affected by interest rate changes.


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