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E-passbook for EPFO Retirement Fund Launched

Checking accounts online for subscribers of the retirement fund body EPFO has become easier with the e-passbook. To note, there are about over 50 million subscribers of these retirement fund an surely, being able to check account balance online would be a comfort.

E-Passbook for Provident Fund Accounts - EPFO Logo

E-Passbook for Provident Fund Accounts

The Central Provident Fund Commissioner R C Mishra said that their clients can now check their accounts online for faster and more convenient way of banking. For subscribers to avail on this new feature, all they need to do is to register themselves on the EPFO portal by providing their personal detail.

You need to be an active member of the Employee’s Provident Fund Organization in order to avail the e-passbook. For accounts that are inoperative, settled or have negative balance, the e-passbook would not be possible to use. Surely, this is just the start of making this retirement fund a lot easier to access. There will surely be more additions on the capacity of this e-passbook.


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