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Top Software Companies Lease 6 Lakh Sq. Ft. Office Space In Bangalore

The technology market of India is definitely doing well these days since more and more known companies are leasing acres of office space in Bangalore and Hyderabad. This information was given by some real estate agents. This just indicates that the number of companies that would invest in the technology sector and software sector are blooming amidst some gloomy mood for businesses.

We all know that Bangalore is known as India’s technology capital and Hyderabad is also the home of big and known companies in the software sector like Google and Microsoft.  Among the companies that have shown interest in the software sector of India are Facebook, Amazon and AMD, a company that is well known as a chipmaker.

In addition to these companies is tax preparation software maker Intuit. These companies had leased more than 6 lakh sq ft of land which means that they are planning to hire a lot of professionals for running their business in the place.


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