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Rs 25,000 Crore Investment Plans of ITC Over the next 5-7 years

In the company’s 101st annual general meeting on Friday, the chairman of ITC Ltd YC Deveshwar had boasted their investment plan of Rs 25,000 crore which would be done over the next 5-7 years. This is definitely a good way to impress the stakeholders of the company who are in attendance during the celebration.

Currently, the company has been into over 40 projects in various stages across the country. They are really making their presence felt in the industry. The investment that will be done by the company would also help the economy of India since it badly needs a lot of investment from companies, added Deveshmar.

The company is not only relying on its cigarette FMCG business but is also looking forward for a good turn in their non-cigarette business. This business comprises of package food, personal care, lifestyle retail, stationary products and safety matches. These have generated a huge value for the company.

ITC Logo

ITC Logo


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