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Standard Chartered plans to hire 600 staff in India

Standard Chartered will continue to hire 600 staff in India for this current fiscal. This information was taken directly form company representative. This plan for hiring doesn’t include their outsourcing unit Scope International. This is definitely good news for people who are currently looking for good jobs.

Being able to be a part of a growing and developing company would be a nice way to start your career. According to Madhavi Lall, regional head in human resource for India and South Asia, Standard Chartered Bank will most likely be hiring staff for frontline sales. They are done it in the first half of the fiscal and they still continue to do so.

The company has a lot of functions that would enable their local team to work well with their global counterparts. They will be able to be in a situation where they will be doing some strategic planning that would give a lot of benefits to the company.

Standard Chartered Logo

Standard Chartered Logo 

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