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Sri Lanka Manufacturing plant of Onjus Coming Up Soon

Onjus, which is India’s first packaged fruit juice brand is doing well this fiscal with its new production plant in Sri Lanka. The company that is behind Onjus, Tunip Agro has been quite successful with doing some expansion on its business and in setting up subsidiary.

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They will be making an investment on this new plant that would cost around Rs 75 crore. By making Sri Lanka as an export hub, the company would surely be increasing its profit soon enough. Also, it would be able to increase its market presence in other countries even in West Asia and Europe.

According to their Director, Mr Siddhant Goyal, the new plant will give the company a lot of benefits. There is now a free trade concession agreement in Sri Lanka which would make import hassle free for any company. Also, the freight and transport costs of the export would be a lot cheaper which is good news for the company.


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