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Hyundai Motors India Reports 6% Increase In July Sales

The Hyundai Motor India which is considered as the second-largest car maker in the country is having a constant rise in their performance. They have reported that they were able to record a 6.40 per cent rise in their total sales for the month of July. The company was able to sold 52,845 units compared to last year’s 49,666 units.

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Talking about the domestic market, the company was able to record sales of 27,585 units. Last year, they are able to get 25,642 units which register a growth of 7.58 per cent. Also, the export of the company went up, by about 5.14 per cent.

They were able to sell about 25,260 units outside the country compared to their last year performance where they are able to sell 24,024 units. Though the company had gain some increase in their profits, still this is not the sales that they wanted to see. The overall market is having some problem with general inflationary trend.


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