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TRESemme “Premium Hair Care” to be launched in India Soon

Hindustan Unilever is expanding its market by offering a product that is targeted for people who wanted salon experience at home. Care products that are used in salons are becoming a trend these days. Care products like shampoo and conditioner is getting high demand since a lot of people would want to look good.

TRESemme Logo


Having a nice hair would surely help you have the good looks that you wanted. With this, Hindustan Unilever will launch its premium hair care brand TRESemme in India. This product is targeted at salon frequenting consumers in the urban market. It is quite good news that India is among the market where this brand would be released and the other one is in Brazil.

Hindustan Unilever Logo

Hindustan Unilever

This just shows that there is a good potential in the market of India. According to an official in the company, the market today is flooded with hair care products and their TRESemme will try to make its difference in the market.


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