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Co-branded credit cards of Allahabad Bank and American Express

Allahabad Bank is doing their best in order to raise their share of retail loan business. The company is planning to have 20-22% of this share by 2015. With this, they have decided to team up with American Express in order to launch co-branded credit cards which are unsecured for business but offer higher returns.

The Bank chairman and managing director of the bank JP Dua had stated this information. The government wanted all public sector banks to get more active in the retail loan segment for better margin. This is because retail loans offer higher yield than corporate loans.

In order to better process these loans and for consumers to be more comfortable, the bank had built 34 centralized processing centers for retail loans and six more centers in the pipeline. With this, they are able to better offer their service to their clienteles. They have also done a great job with expanding their business in different regions.

Allahabad Bank

Allahabad Bank



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