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TRAI Bans Long TV Comercial Breaks; New Amendments

Good news for all the TV watchers in India. The Telecom Regulatory Authority of India (TRAI) made a draft regulation that would help broadcasters (especially those reporting sports and other live programs) to become flexible by having a maximum of twelve-minute advertisement every hour with a fifteen-minute spacing in between.


TRAI – Telecom Regulatory Authority of India

This move is based on the quality of viewing experience of the television viewers with consideration to the broadcasters’ concerns, says TRAI. In addition to this, it is noted that before creating the regulation, TRAI studied the Standards of Quality of Service Regulations in relation to the duration of advertisement in TV stations and the rules stipulated by the Cable Television Networks and by the central government, making sure that the decision is made in good faith and does not break any former laws.

As soon as this regulation gets signed and approved, waiting for long commercial breaks will finally be over.

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