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Passport Issuance – Tatkal Reduced To 7 Days; New Passport – 30 Days

Good news for the residents of India. The ministry of external affairs have finally limited the passport issuance to 30 days, re-issuance to 15 days and Tatkaal to a week.

India Passport Picture

India Passport Picture

The idea to make the procedures simple and easy came out when the demand spiked up and caused a huge number of delays. Now, a couple of passport centres has been set up to offer a faster, simpler, more transparent and basically more effective service.

At the present, such services offered to walk-in applicants are senior citizens lane, physically-challenged lane, a lane for the passport holder parents of children below 15 years, Tatkaal lane for both new and renewal applicants, a lane for police clearance certificate (PCC), a lane for those who needs a deletion of ECR (emigration check required) status, a lane for government employees and exhausted paged visa and passport, and a lane for spouses and other dependent minors who are cleared of identity certificate.


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