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Engineering Students Seek International Internships

Based on the report made by The Economic Times (ET), more and more students – even those in prestigious schools – are looking for ways to have an edge on their resumes by applying as interns for different institutions.

An example of this is one material science student, reportedly known as Vivek S, of Indian Institute of Technology in Bombay (IIT Bombay) who has taken up a two-month international internship in the Areva company, a global leader in nuclear and renewable energy in Ugine, France. By doing so, he gets a leg up in the competition, he says in the interview.

As a result, IIT Bombay is now making a move to attract more international internships that will help give its students a competitive advantage and experience to be ready for the real world, plus the incentive to earn stipend (Rs 20,000-60,000).

On the other hand, companies are eager to have student interns, especially from India. Research shows that there is an increase in international internship for this year in the country, and around 80% of these are academic, leaving the rest corporate.


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