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Johnson Modular Kitchens To Launch 25 Stores By March 2013

South India is about to have a huge deal of investment by the first quarter of next year all because of the Johnson Kitchens’ plan on expanding its retail business of 39 to 64 stores that would be established mostly in the south of the country. If this happens, the region will have twenty-two percent of the whole retail establishments of the said company.

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Johnson Kitchens

In India, H&R Johnson’s modular kitchen business, Johnson Kitchens, holds twenty percent of the total market, contributing an estimated total of Rs 400 crore in the economy. The company wants to grow more and have a better hold of the modular kitchen business industry in the country, says Sushil Matey, Johnson Kitchens President for Emerging Business.

The target date of completion for this 28, 000 sq. ft. project is on March of 2013. This will cost the company around Rs three crore and fifty percent of its investments from dealers.


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