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57% Indian Employers Outsource Their Hiring Activities

In today’s present age of advanced technology, it is very common and easy to have access to almost anything and everything, all this made possible by the internet. This is especially true to companies who find crowdsourcing very much helpful and effective in getting work done in an efficient and cheap way.

Recruitment Outsource in India

Recruitment Outsource in India

A survey conducted by TimesJobs.com showed that fifty-seven percent of employers use this strategy in finding skills and talents.

Field specialist said that what was once three ways of recruiting (the first two focus on the usual ways of hiring and seeking jobs while the third makes use of social media sites) has now advanced to four (taking advantage of all online and offline opportunities).

However, just like everything else, this too has a disadvantage. One is, crowdsourcing is very time consuming; the second, there are some confidentiality issues that one has to take into consideration.

Weighing the pros and cons of crowdsourcing, people still use it because it is helpful and still has a lot to offer them.


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