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Mercedes Benz Cars To Be Fully Assembled In India – Daimler

Daimler, one of the leading manufacturers of top-quality cars and one of the most successful companies in the industry of automobiles, has finally announced its plans on assembling Mercedes-Benz SUVs in the Asian countries of India, Indonesia and Thailand.

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Mercedes Benz

The company said that while Mercedes-Benz luxury sedans C-, E- and S-Classes are already being assembled in Maharashtra, the second most populous state in India, the car parts of these SUVs are all being imported from Tuscaloosa, Alabama, USA, and that this will first time these will be assembled from its hometown.

The company is very excited about it, saying that their SUVs are popular and that the market seems to be equally as eager about it. Daimler is looking forward to the success of this venture and is already planning on the next possible business strategy on its local expansion.

The assembly for these Mercedes-Benz SUV models, M- and GL-Class, will be made sometime on 2013.


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