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Coca Cola Launches Dasani Drops In India – Concentrated Coke Solution

People now can quench  their thirst even for just a drop or some few drops of concentrated solution. Though this is not new anymore, adding to the brands that would be selling this is Coca Cola.

Coca Cola Dasani Drops Logo / Picture

Coca Cola Dasani Drops

Their version of this concentrated drop will be released in the market by October. Since Coca-cola is considered as the largest beverage company, it surely would not allow itself to be left out in the market.

They have named their product as Dasani Drops. This drop comes in four flavors for the first launch and plans are already made to add other flavors as well by next year. The vice president of Coca cola is very much confident that there is a good market for flavored waters and that Dasani Drops would surely have a good potential for growth.

Coca Cola India Logo

Coca Cola India

The advantage of Coca-cola is that they do not anymore need to establish their brand since it is already in the market. What they would do is to let people know that they are now already offering them with Dasani Drops.


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