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Credit Cards Used 30 Times More Than Debit Cards in India – Report

According to the records and research statistics (stats), there are a lot of people who spends using their credit card than debit cards. The average payment amount of credit card would reach about Rs 55,000 in a year and this is already 30 times the money that is usually spent through debit cards.

Credit Cards In India

Credit Cards In India

But this information doesn’t mean that there are a greater number of people with credit card. On the contrary, there is actually more than 15 times debit card holder than credit card holder. This statistics was taken from the data made available by Reserve Bank of India. (RBI).

This just means that people tends to increase their expense when they use credit cards than debit cards. Though both cards have their own advantages and disadvantages, it would still be better to just live under your means. Having a credit card would surely give some openings that might lead you to hot waters so you really have to be careful with your spending.

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