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Mobile cloud suite of Solutions Launched by Mavenir

Mobile Cloud Suite (MCS) was launched by Manevir Systems with the capacity to provide voice, video and messaging for mobile operators. This is a solution that is injected with other mobile application that allows it to become a richer application for everyone who owns a mobile phone.

Mavenir Systems Logo

Mavenir Systems

Among the other features that can be done with this new app is video conferencing on your phone. This is really useful for business people and even students who need the feature for a lot of varied reasons. This solution can also improve the subscriber base and other network assets such as Quality of Service, interconnection agreements and security framework.

It would also allow a user to be able to share some rich content with other people like videos, images, music, files as long as you are connected on the internet. Surely, everything has become easier on phones today the same as what we can do on computers.

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