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Lodestone Acquired by Infosys for Rs. 1932 Crores – Largest Acquisition Ever

Infosys has become know when it comes to software development and business IT consultation. It is among the leading companies in India when it comes to IT. Just recently, the company had acquired a Swiss-based firm known as the Lodestone Holding. The acquisition cost them around $349 million (Approx Rs. 1932 Crores).

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With this, the company is expecting to have better hold in markets in continental Europe. This is a good move for the company especially when it comes to their expansion plans. So far, the company has been so good when it comes to expanding their services to different places that is why they are playing well in the market.

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Base on a reliable source, the company will be paying the over cost of the acquisition, two-thirds upfront while the rest of the payment will be paid in three years. This move of the company is just part of their strategy to strengthen their business outside India.


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