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CEO of HCL Joins “High Pay CEO” club With Close To Rs. 2 Cr Compensation

In a statement by the HCL Infosystems given on Monday, the board had approved the revised compensation of their CEO Harsh Chitale. With this new rate he is now among the highest paid CEOS in the country under the hardware and system integration business sector.

HCL Infosystems Logo

HCL Infosystems

The salary compensation includes a rent allowance that is about Rs 4.8 lakh a month. In addition there are the overall benefits that would amount to Rs 60 lakh per annum. Also, there is now a performance linked bonus of Rs 1.4 crore per annum which just shows that the company is quite satisfied with the performance of their CEO.

Though this might be a big some of compensation to other, still it falls short compared to other CEO of companies like HCL Technologies and the likes. These compensation are just right for CEOs since they play a big role in the development of a certain company. With a reliable CEO, a company is surely bound to success and greater heights.


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