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NPC India Extends IMPS for Merchants – Pay At Kirna Store With Mobile

Today, there are only a few transactions that are done in a cashless basis due to use of credit and debit card. This number would surely increase since micro transactions for payments on taxi fares and kirana store purchases are bound to go cashless soon. This is with the National payment Corporation of India extending its services for merchants. Good thing with IMPS is that it cost lower compared to credit and debit cards. With this, it would be convenient for people to be using the said technology. Though IMPS have been available for quite some time now, only a few person and companies does this. But when this plan would be implemented, surely a lot of people would go for this. The main reason is the convenience when it comes to payment. People today are always looking for ways on how they are going to make life easier for them.

source: http://economictimes.indiatimes.com/news/news-by-industry/services/retailing/pay-at-kirana-stores-with-your-phone-as-national-payment-corporation-of-india-extends-imps-for-merchants/articleshow/16347323.cms


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