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Micro MBA Programmes Gaining Popularity In India

Doing a business is really not that easy. If you do not have the right knowledge and skills, surely you will just be wasting your time and investment. So anyone who wishes to for a business, he needs to be trained first so regrets would be less.

Even those who are already in big positions in companies are still having their training on new concepts in business that is more application in today’s market. Among these is Anupam Desai, Senior Vice-President at agro tech firm Kesar Enterprises.

Though he had already completed his MBA several years ago and had gained a lot of insights in his case study, still he is eager to learn more and knows that he still have so many to learn in business. Micro Mba programmes have become very popular to a lot of people these days.

These programmes usually cover subjects such as international marketing, entrepreneurship and quantitative methods of business.



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