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Treofan Buys Max India’s Film Business For Rs. 540 Cr

Max India is selling it’s specially firms business in order to focus more in its core business of health care and insurance. It is quite true that when business grows, it would be difficult for the company to focus on it anymore. This is why other companies are just giving up on some of their business in order to give more attention on the main business that they do.

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And in part of Max India, maybe they have realized that it would be better for them to sell their speciality firm since there is currently an offer from Germany’s Treofan. The value of the enterprise reached Rs 540 crore. For the records, the speciality films is the oldest business of Max India.

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Max India

This surely is not an easy decision for the company but there is a good reason for it. Over the years, the company had been selling some of its businesses like pharmaceuticals, telecom, and electronics and this time, the speciality films would be included on the list.


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