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Airtel Launches “SmartDrive” Mobile App – Voice Navigation & Traffic Updates

Airtel has launched an all new app for its customers in India using which they can now view their location on a map and get the best possible route from one place to another. Named as SmartDrive, the app has a voice based turn by turn navigation that lets you drive properly and just listen to the voice instructions.

Airtel SmartDrive App - With Voice Navigation & Traffic Updates

Airtel SmartDrive App

Apart from this, the app also gives you real time information about traffic situation on roads and landmarks around them. Not only this, the app automatically suggests alternate routes between two points if one of the route has traffic congestion. The SmartDrive app also gives you commute times between two points based on the amount of traffic congestion on each route.

Apart from all these features, using the Airtel SmartDrive app, you can record all trips you make when using voice navigation and use them later. The app also gives you wikipedia info and Weather conditions of the place you are driving to.

However unlike the free Google Maps application, the Airtel SmartDrive app is free only for location searches and map views. For using the features like Voice Navigation and Live Traffic updates you have to buy add-on packs:

Navigation –  Daily pack – Rs/10 per day, Monthly pack – Rs. 99 per month
Live traffic – Daily pack – Rs.3/day, Monthly pack – Rs.49 per month
To download the app, you have to send an SMS smart to 54321 to get a link to download the application.

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