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Financial Closure achieved by 27 solar Companies for a Solar Project

On Wednesday, the nodal agency for the solar photo voltaic project, NTPC Vidjut Vtapar Nigam gave a statement that all of the 28 companies that won the bidding under National Solar Mission reached financial closure except one.

The projects that will be made by these 27 companies is expected to add up 340 MW power which is a respectable capacity that can be produced by a solar power sector. This project would not become possible without any investment, and the investment for these projects is expected to reach Rs 3,000 crore.

Sujana Logo

Sujana Logo

The company that did not reached closure is Sujana Towers which had won a 10 MW project. This it has been confirmed that the company did not reach financial closure yet; the reason for it was not given. The bidding for these projects was done last December in a process that was facilitated by Government of India through the public sector NVVN.


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