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Goa Iron ore mines Suspended by the Government of India

Whenever there is a mine in a certain place, whatever company is running the said business, it should be done legally. With this, the government suspends green nod iron ore mines for some issues on environment clearances.

It is really a good thing that the government is quite strict with this kind of business since it would definitely affect the lives of the people in the vicinity where mining would be conducted. If there will be no population in the area, still clearances should be made in order to protect the environment.

A lot of us know that most of these mines do not do any good to our environment. As a matter of fact, it causes a lot of harm. This is the reason why the government really had to look at it closely. Though it is true that these mines can also do well in the country, since it will better the economy and could provide work to people. The operation simply has to be legally done.


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