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Newest Limited Edition of SCV Dost Launched By Ashok Leyland

In line with the Anniversary of DOST vehicles, Ashok Leyland today had unveiled a new limited edition of its latest variant of DOST vehicle. The company has become successful with marketing their DOST vehicles since this venture is with a known motor company which is Nissan Motors.

Ashok Leyland Logo

Ashok Leyland

According to the Vice-chairman of Ashok Leyland V Sumantran, this new vehicle contains new features that would be immediately available across the country.

This new model is priced at Rs 4.78 lakh. It is about Rs 15,000 higher than other existing variants.

Ashok Leyland Dost SCV Anniversary Limited Edition Pictures

Ashok Leyland Dost SCV Anniversary Limited Edition

This new variant is good for people who are looking for cool vehicles since it comes with stylish body graphics with new color gray beige besides, bull bars. It also has a lot of new features that most car owners would surely love.

When it comes to the records, DOST vehicles are surely doing great since starting on its launch, the company had sold 20,479 units and currently the leader in eight states with a share of 31 per cent.


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