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Topsgrup India Vice Chairman and CEO Appointed – Harsh Wardhan

A person in the name of Harsh Wardhan was appointed Topgrup India Vice Chairman and CEO. This company owns the Top Security Ltd and The Shield Guarding Company Ltd in the UK. The new appointed CEO will take care of all Indian operations of the company.

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TOPS Security

Wardhan is a notable person when it comes to the security professional where he was able to received an award as the Best Security Professional which was given by the then Home Minister of India Shivraj Patil. This decision of hiring Wardhan is definitely a good way of gaining some advantage in the security sector of India.

In a statement given by Wardhan, he said that he would do his best to work in achieving the objectives of the company by delivering quality in whatever things he do. He also stressed out the efforts will always be made to make customers and stakeholders satisfied and happy with the performance of the company.


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