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Mercedes Benz Targets Young Buyers With New Startegy In India

Mercedes Benz launches its four new Generation Compact Cars in the country which are the following; Baby SUV, Baby Sedan, the B-class sports tourer and the A-class family compact. All of these cars which cost around Rs 25 – 30 lakh will be targeting a younger buyer segment.

Mercedes Benz India Specs & Price

Mercedes Benz India Specs & Price

According to Debashis Mitra, director, sales and marketing at Mercedes Benz India, the young people today are looking for cars that have the features and innovative twist making them look good and feel good. He also quoted that if you want to attract young car lovers, you need to offer them with the option of chancing their cars. The answer that the company came up is self-leasing.

What will happen to this is that the buyer will be renting a Mercedes Benz fir about two or three years and he needs to pay Rs 1 lakh every month. This could give any consumer the change for them to change their car. The good thing with what the company offers is that it doesn’t need any down payment.


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