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‘Stile’ to be launch by Ashok Leyland

A new multi-purpose vehicle is about to be launched by Ashok Leyland Ltd. They had named the vehicle as Stile. It was developed together with the efforts of Nissan-Renault. The vehicle would be rolled out in Chennai by early next year. Surely there are a lot of things that people should look into with this new vehicle.

Ashok Leyland Logo

Ashok Leyland Logo

According to the Executive Director of Light Commercial Vehicles, Ashok Leyland, the company will be launching more products on the Dost platform. These Dost Vehicles are averaging about 2,800 vehicles per month when it comes to production and it had some capacity constraints since vendors could not provide the company with the right supplies.

With this, the sales of Dost are only limited in eight states. But, the company is doing their best to step up and to be able to expand their production by increasing their market to eight states. If proper adjustments could be done, surely Dost would have a good place in the vehicle sector.


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