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Bangalore Luxury Residential Prices Up By 25% – Touch Rs. 30,000 PSF Limit

According to Jones Lang LaSalle India, the Bangalore’s luxury residential market has gone some major transformations in the past years. This transformation led to setting new capital value benchmark that reached Rs 30,000 per sq. ft. Looking at some data provided by JLL, the property capital values in Bangalore have increased by 25% since trough in mid-2009.

These days, most of those who purchase properties prefer those under the 3000-7500 per sq.ft price brand. But it doesn’t mean that those priced at 7500 per sq. ft and above are not salable anymore.

There is currently a boost in momentum for these properties. Though these properties are quite expensive there are still some who goes for it due to its amenities and the features of the house. If you are among those people who are working hard for their earning, this type of properties would surely be a great reward for you.


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